Nafew 2007 is a disaster and accident damage repair company situated in Michigan. We specialize in dealing with water, fire, and flood damage in the Michigan area. Nafew 2007 was established in 2007 and has gone from strength to strength to become the highly-recommended company it is today. We have been awarded several awards for excellent service and best company of the year.

firefighters-115800_960_720The company is headed by Alison Speer who is an expert in damage repair. Her employees are excellent at their jobs and receive only the best training. Alison presents damage repair related courses to other companies and is well respected amongst her peers. All technicians, specialists, and other employees are trained and qualified to perform their jobs at the highest level.

Nafew 2007 is very focused on customer service and we do everything we can to offer our customers the best possible services, costs, and treatment. We are aware that damage to property, residential or commercial, has a lot of consequences and can be a very trying time. We respect this difficulty and treat all our customers with the highest respect and professionalism.

Our specialties lie in:

Water damage – No matter the cause, we can help you.

Fire damage – No matter the cause, we can help you. We take into account all the extra types of damage that will need to be dealt with.

Flood damage – Floods happen unexpectedly and we have a fast response time. We react to emergency call outs immediately.


Our equipment is state of the art and our materials are only the best quality. Our teams work fast and effective and they are very thorough. Our technicians and specialists have many years of experience and know how to deal with any type of damage, big or small. All our teams work like well-oiled machines and are very organized. Assessment and planning are essential for effective damage repair and our team leaders are very good at planning.

Facts about us:

  •    We won best company of the year 2 years in a row.
  •    Insurance companies recommend us when customers report damage.
  •    We have a 100% success and satisfaction rate.
  •    We have approximately 50 employees that work in teams to do repairs across Michigan.
  •    Alison Sheer is a sought-after trainer and many people book her lectures and courses ahead of time.
  •    Our customers love us and are very happy with the service they receive.
  •    We always stay on top of the game and make sure we have the best equipment and materials on the market.

For good quality and speedy repairs of water, fire, or flood damage, call Nafew 2007 today.